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Requested EL: 0, Actual Total CR: 0.0
Gnome CR 0
Usually Neutral Good Small Humanoid Ref (Gnome)
Init +0 (+0 dex)

AC 11 FF 11 Touch 11
(+1 size)
HD: 0
HP: 0 ()
Fort +2 Ref +0 Will -1

Speed 20ft
Base Atk +0 Grp -4
Attack: Longsword +1 1d6+0 (19-20/x2)
Attack: Short bow +1 1d4+0
Full Attack: Longsword +1 1d6+0 (19-20/x2)
Full Attack: Short bow +1 1d4+0
Space 5 ft. (1 squares) Reach 5 ft. (1 squares)

Abilities Str 11(+0) Dex 11(+0) Con 14(+2) Int 10(+0) Wis 9(-1) Cha 8(-1)

Lowlight vision(Ex): 60ft
Resistance to Illusion(Ex): +2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusions.
Racial Enemy Attack Bonus(Ex): +1 racial bonus on attack rolls against kobolds and goblinoids (including goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears)
Racial Enemy Dodge Bonus(Ex): +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against creatures of the giant type (such as ogres, trolls, and hill giants).
Speak With Animals(Sp): As the spell but burrowing mammals only, duration 1 minute
Dancing Lights(Sp): As the spell. Caster Level 1.
Ghost Sound(Sp): Will save DC 9(+0 Spell Level, -1 Cha)
As the spell. Caster Level 1.
Prestidigitation(Sp): As the spell. Caster Level 1.

Advancement: By character class