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Requested EL: 0, Actual Total CR: 0.0
Weasel CR 0
Always Neutral Tiny Animal
Init +2 (+2 dex)

AC 14 FF 12 Touch 14
(+2 size, +2 Dex)
HD: 1
HP: 4 (1d8+0)
Fort +2 Ref +4 Will +1

Speed 20 ft. (4 squares), climb 20 ft.
Base Atk +0 Grp -12
Attack: Bite +4 1d3-4
Full Attack: Bite +4 1d3-4
Space 2.5 ft. (0 squares) Reach 0 ft. (0 squares)

Abilities Str 3(-4) Dex 15(+2) Con 10(+0) Int 2(-4) Wis 12(+1) Cha 5(-3)

Total Feats: 1
Feats: Weapon Finesse

Skill Points: 4
Skills: Balance +3, Climb -3, Hide +3, Move Silently +3

Attach(Ex): If a weasel hits with a bite attack, it uses its powerful jaws to latch onto the opponent's body and automatically deals bite damage each round it remains attached. An attached weasel loses its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class and has an AC of 12. An attached weasel can be struck with a weapon or grappled itself. To remove an attached weasel through grappling, the opponent must achieve a pin against the creature.
Low-light vision(Ex):

Advancement [1-1(Tiny)]