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Knows where a magic item is buried
Knows the best fishing spot
Knows who the murderer is
Is making liquor illegally
Knows why no one swims in the millpond anymore
Knows how to safely cook a poisonous fish
Is having an affair
Steals from his neighbors
Is a habitual liar
Is secretly related to another NPC
Knows what happened to all the rats
Is being blackmailed
Drinks heavily
Has a secret stash of funds
Is beaten by his/her spouse
Knows proper way to read a treasure map
Is an obsessive collector or hoarder
Beats offspring regularly
Is quietly religious
Knows location of a bandit hideout
Knows a particular monster?s favorite snack
Is a spy
Hears voices in the graveyard
Knows who really runs the neighborhood
Knows where to contact the fey
Is an assassin
Has a secret illness
Knows why no one in the village eats meat anymore
Knows how to get the oracle to answer truthfully
Engages in some deviant behavior
Knows command word for a magic item
Owes the local moneylender substantial funds
Worships an evil deity
Knows some local secret
Has a secret identity
Was a very different creature prior to reincarnation
Knows how to placate an angry ghost
Is a member of a secret local cult
Is wanted for a crime
Murdered spouse
Makes secret donations
Lost paladinhood due to cowardice
Is a paladin working undercover
Is the bastard child of a noble
Knows when the heir to the throne sneaks away to visit an attractive peasant
Is terrified of a particular monster type
Has some orc blood in their family
Has some troll blood in their family
Knows where the meteor landed
Knows someone is not what appears to be