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Wash or mend your clothes and equipment
Perform a skill check for you
Offer you a pet (dog, cat, pig, etc.)
Pray for you
Tend your mount
Pay for your lodgings
Buy you a small gift
Invite you to dinner
Sharpen your weapons
Gather supplies for you
Carry your belongings
Compose a poem praising your prowess
Compose a song praising your heroic qualities
Praise you loudly in public
Pay for your meals
Introduce you to a friend
Provide shelter
Write a letter or make some other sort of appeal to an authority figure on your behalf
Buy you a reasonable gift
Boycott one of your rivals or enemies
Look after your home while you are away
Provide you with an alibi
Carry a message for you
Follow someone for you
Loan you property
Call in an important favor and use it on your behalf
Cast a spell for you at no cost
Wait for a specific event and then light a signal fire
Organize a festival or other public event
Train an animal for you
Buy you a substantial gift
Become your friend
Sell you goods at a discount
Bury or hide something dangerous
Lie or cheat for you
Name a child after you
Start a fight for you
Publicly protest against a ruler or other powerful being
Sabotage a bridge, road, or something equally important
Raise a child or care for another relatively helpless creature
Spy on your behalf
Agree to work off a major debt that you cannot pay
Take the blame (and punishment) for a minor crime
Become your servant
Become your follower
Become your squire
Become your henchman/woman
Become your cohort
Offer the hand of a relative in marriage
Marry you