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Kidnapped royalty
Religious idol
Lost spellbook
Fountain of youth
City of gold
Pirate treasure
Lost culture
Weapon of the gods
Dangerous technology
Claimant to the throne
Ancient tomb
Dragon hoard
Imprisoned loved one
Legendary warrior (possibly deceased)
Placation for angry spirits
Signet proving noble birth
Rare spell component
Forbidden magic
Ressurection for a slain innocent
Cure for a plague or curse
Land grab
Stolen property
State secrets
Mythical beast
Unlimited power source
Embezzled funds
Designs for a new weapon
Ghost ship
Lich's phylactery
Jade statue of a bird
Long-lost twin
Lost soul
Flying machine
Treasure map
Sunken island
Lost culture
Relic from religious figure
Death (for self or others)
Hidden master
New home for displaced people
Sleeping prince or princess
Unexplored territory
Destruction of evil item
Prophecy and revelation
Dangerous fugitive
Portal to another world
True love