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Greed or Glory: PCs hear about a dungeon nearby and how no one dares enter it.
Raiding Monsters: Monsters or evil humanoids attack farmsteads and must be stopped.
Treasure Hunt: An NPC has a treasure map.
Guards: PCs hired to protect merchant caravan through dangerous terrain.
Seek: Locate missing important NPC.
Destroy: Purge a dungeon of monsters.
Underwater Exploration: Map area of sea and explore inland for suitable settling areas.
Mine: Search underground for rich vein of ore or a legendary cache of gems.
Protect: Enhance village defenses and train locals to defend themselves from an impending threat.
Ruins Stir: Secret but good NPCs are searching for holy relic and accidentally stir up undead.
Spies: The PCs are hired to collect information on a nearby group or kingdom.
Investigate: PCs brought in to solve a crime.
Bait and Switch: Monster far beyond the PCs is allegedly behind the plot-can it be true?
Sacrilege: Confront zealots allegedly carrying out human sacrifices.
Salvage: The crew of a listing merchant ship row ashore claiming that somehow their cargo scuttled the vessel, and that they want nothing more to do with it.
Steal: Work for good-fronted merchant group to steal an object they stole in the first place.
Capture: A rival merchant or guild wishes monster intact to serve as guard.
Escape: During routine adventure PCs are trapped by a rockfall which unleashes horror.
Roundup: A rancher needs extra hands to protect his herd from rustlers as he heads to market.
Execution: The PCs or an ally face a harsh punishment for breaking an unjust or arbitrary law.
Exploration: The PCs quest to explore a new realm, whether it be a continent, underground expanse, plane, or other locale.
Kinslayer: A relative of the ruler plans to claim the throne for his or her own.
Watch: PCs hired by town watch to uncover spies.
On the Run: The PCs must help a goodly creature escape those who hunt it.
Monstrous: The locals decide the newly arrived PCs are behind the deaths.
Alliance: Prevent a marriage intended to unite two monster clans without them realizing the sabotage.
Precious Cargo: Someone must keep a monster's egg safe until it hatches.
Dead Man Walking: A long-dead ally or personality reappears, seemingly alive and unharmed.
Chainbreaker: Find the slaver's base by getting captured and then escape to get reinforcements.
A Little Knowledge: Someone keeps trying to kill the hapless storyteller; which of his tall tales is actually true?
Unexpected Event: Earthquake or volcano unleashes horrors onto countryside or settlement.
Reagent: A powerful magic user needs the PCs' help in tracking down a rare component or ingredient.
Menagerie: Creatures have escaped from a private collection and the PCs are hired to return them.
Courteous Killer: An assassin sends a letter suggesting that the target put his affairs in order.
Plague Run: Find the ingredients that cure the disease and get them back before too many more people die.
Deadly Waters: The river has turned black and toxic-what's going on upstream?
Feathered Apocalypse: All the birds are dying and the druids are looking for someone to blame.
Prophecy: A prophecy is due for fulfillment. The PCs must work to fulfill or prevent it.
Animal Enemies: All the usually peaceful animals become killers.
Political: PCs assist local leaders in rooting out evil in their own halls.
Festival: PCs infiltrate performers to uncover a killer.
From Beyond: PCs must prevent plot to summon a powerful outsider.
Incursion: Creatures from another plane infest town and take hostages to experiment upon.
Revenant: Do the PCs stand in the way of an evil avenging spirit intent on wiping out an entire family?
The Strange Child: Is the changeling really behind the nightmares like the locals say?
Doppelganger: The PCs or others are seen murdering and stealing and the locals want revenge.
Righteous Indignation: A local tribe of non-evil monsters threatens a community that has trespassed upon their land or otherwise offended them.
Surrounded: PCs find themselves hunted in wilderness. Can they escape and survive?
Hunted: For some reason everyone thinks the PCs are someone they aren't. As the city mobilizes to capture and execute them can the PCs get to the bottom of the plot?
Dragon: A dragon appears in a city and demands tribute. Can the PCs defeat it? Is it real?