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Altered: PCs undergo some sort of magical transformation during the course of the adventure, and must seek to return to normal (or defend themselves from newly jealous rivals).
Burden: Something fragile (whether an NPC or object) is vital to the completion of the adventure, such as a delicate crystal or a prophesied child.
Controlled: Someone is secretly under the influence of another, either as an agent of the enemy or keeping an eye on the group for their patron.
Deception: A critical piece of information about the adventure is deliberately false. Old friends become enemies, and enemies become friends. Or is it all just an elaborate act?
Doubles: One or more of those characters appearing in the adventure (including possibly the PCs) has an imposter or duplicate.
Dual Nature: Someone in the adventure has a second nature or form unknown at the start.
Extraordinary Arena: Some or all of the adventure takes place in an unusual environment.
Impairment: The PCs suffer some sort of disadvantage relative to their foes.
Love Interest: An NPC encountered in the adventure forms a romantic attachment to one of the PCs, not necessarily reciprocated.
Mistaken Identity: One or more of the PCs resembles, or gets treated as, another person.
Natural Obstacle: A formidable barrier stands between the PCs and completing the adventure.
Negotiation: The PCs must make a deal with someone in order to complete the adventure.
Peaceful: Some portion of the adventure requires that the PCs find a non-violent way to solve their problems.
Rivals: A group with similar abilities sets out to oppose the PCs.
Role Reversal: Some portion of the adventure turns out the exact opposite of the PCs' expectations.
Secret Ally: Someone in the adventure offers aid to the PCs.
Time Limit: The PCs must complete the adventure within a specified duration in order to succeed.
Transported: The PCs are taken somewhere against their will and must return on their own.
Undercover: The PCs must assume new identities and remain "in character" in order to gather information or complete their objective.
Watched: Someone observes the PCs during the course of the adventure, and may interfere with their progress, or attempt to guide them.