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Get a good night's sleep
Sire a child
Prove noble heritage
Visit the next village
Solve a mystery no one else really cares about
Earn enough money to retire
Climb a mountain
Get a different, and better, reputation
Make friends with the PCs
Erase past failures with a single dramatic act
Move out of parents' house
Get in better shape and learn to fight
See the ocean
See a particular holy text, fresco, or building
Find a new home for a mistreated animal
Get into the history books
Return home despite obstacles
Overcome a significant personal vice
Get proof that the afterlife exists before dying
Get married
Humiliate a rival
Find a missing child
Learn to gamble
Carry on a family tradition, like enlisting in the army
Go on a pilgrimage
Marry a childhood sweetheart
Commit a holy text to memory
Complete some sort of creative work (write a play, carve a statue, etc.)
Find a better job
Avoid bankruptcy
Impress a disapproving parent
Impress a love interest
Achieve a higher social rank
Start own business
Help child get a good start in life
Become the recipient of an actual miracle
Redeem family name
Hunt and kill a particular sort of monster
Continue to live in family estate despite danger
Solve a murder
Cross an ocean
Discover the meaning of life
See an angel
Murder someone
Get cured of a disease or other affliction
Become a monster
Become a hero
Marry a prince/princess
Rule a country