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Military veteran
Reformed criminal
Comes from a long line of tanners
Once owned an inn that was burnt down by bandits
Former alchemy lab assistant
Disgraced noble
Fought on losing side of civil war/revolution
Former prostitute
Refugee from land overrun by evil
Pious member of a notorious family
Ran away from a duel
Left at the altar
Criminal who retired after betraying rest of gang
Recovering addict
Childhood playmate of somebody important
Killed someone in self-defense
Escaped slave
Falsely convicted and then escaped from jail
Former indentured servant
Ran away as a youth and joined the circus
Abandoned spouse and children
Former sickly child who overcompensates as an adult
Failed priest
Failed merchant
Passed a guild test but too disillusioned to practice
Outwitted powerful monster
Practiced magic before a traumatizing accident
Died but came back through magic
Lost a magic item with potent abilities
Ran for office and suffered a humiliating defeat
Inadvertently saved the life of a future villain
Lost a spouse or child
Used to have to beg for food
Former artist suffering from a creative block
Raised by members of a different race
Former witch hunter
Pledged to keep a fantastic secret
Wanted for serious crime
Oppressed for race, sexuality, religion, etc.
Monster reincarnated as a human
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Greed or Glory: PCs hear about a dungeon nearby and how no one dares enter it.
Raiding Monsters: Monsters or evil humanoids attack farmsteads and must be stopped.
Treasure Hunt: An NPC has a treasure map.
Guards: PCs hired to protect merchant caravan through dangerous terrain.
Seek: Locate missing important NPC.
Destroy: Purge a dungeon of monsters.
Underwater Exploration: Map area of sea and explore inland for suitable settling areas.
Mine: Search underground for rich vein of ore or a legendary cache of gems.
Protect: Enhance village defenses and train locals to defend themselves from an impending threat.
Ruins Stir: Secret but good NPCs are searching for holy relic and accidentally stir up undead.
Spies: The PCs are hired to collect information on a nearby group or kingdom.
Investigate: PCs brought in to solve a crime.
Bait and Switch: Monster far beyond the PCs is allegedly behind the plot-can it be true?
Sacrilege: Confront zealots allegedly carrying out human sacrifices.
Salvage: The crew of a listing merchant ship row ashore claiming that somehow their cargo scuttled the vessel, and that they want nothing more to do with it.
Steal: Work for good-fronted merchant group to steal an object they stole in the first place.
Capture: A rival merchant or guild wishes monster intact to serve as guard.
Escape: During routine adventure PCs are trapped by a rockfall which unleashes horror.
Roundup: A rancher needs extra hands to protect his herd from rustlers as he heads to market.
Execution: The PCs or an ally face a harsh punishment for breaking an unjust or arbitrary law.
Exploration: The PCs quest to explore a new realm, whether it be a continent, underground expanse, plane, or other locale.
Kinslayer: A relative of the ruler plans to claim the throne for his or her own.
Watch: PCs hired by town watch to uncover spies.
On the Run: The PCs must help a goodly creature escape those who hunt it.
Monstrous: The locals decide the newly arrived PCs are behind the deaths.
Alliance: Prevent a marriage intended to unite two monster clans without them realizing the sabotage.
Precious Cargo: Someone must keep a monster's egg safe until it hatches.
Dead Man Walking: A long-dead ally or personality reappears, seemingly alive and unharmed.
Chainbreaker: Find the slaver's base by getting captured and then escape to get reinforcements.
A Little Knowledge: Someone keeps trying to kill the hapless storyteller; which of his tall tales is actually true?
Unexpected Event: Earthquake or volcano unleashes horrors onto countryside or settlement.
Reagent: A powerful magic user needs the PCs' help in tracking down a rare component or ingredient.
Menagerie: Creatures have escaped from a private collection and the PCs are hired to return them.
Courteous Killer: An assassin sends a letter suggesting that the target put his affairs in order.
Plague Run: Find the ingredients that cure the disease and get them back before too many more people die.
Deadly Waters: The river has turned black and toxic-what's going on upstream?
Feathered Apocalypse: All the birds are dying and the druids are looking for someone to blame.
Prophecy: A prophecy is due for fulfillment. The PCs must work to fulfill or prevent it.
Animal Enemies: All the usually peaceful animals become killers.
Political: PCs assist local leaders in rooting out evil in their own halls.
Festival: PCs infiltrate performers to uncover a killer.
From Beyond: PCs must prevent plot to summon a powerful outsider.
Incursion: Creatures from another plane infest town and take hostages to experiment upon.
Revenant: Do the PCs stand in the way of an evil avenging spirit intent on wiping out an entire family?
The Strange Child: Is the changeling really behind the nightmares like the locals say?
Doppelganger: The PCs or others are seen murdering and stealing and the locals want revenge.
Righteous Indignation: A local tribe of non-evil monsters threatens a community that has trespassed upon their land or otherwise offended them.
Surrounded: PCs find themselves hunted in wilderness. Can they escape and survive?
Hunted: For some reason everyone thinks the PCs are someone they aren't. As the city mobilizes to capture and execute them can the PCs get to the bottom of the plot?
Dragon: A dragon appears in a city and demands tribute. Can the PCs defeat it? Is it real?
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Altered: PCs undergo some sort of magical transformation during the course of the adventure, and must seek to return to normal (or defend themselves from newly jealous rivals).
Burden: Something fragile (whether an NPC or object) is vital to the completion of the adventure, such as a delicate crystal or a prophesied child.
Controlled: Someone is secretly under the influence of another, either as an agent of the enemy or keeping an eye on the group for their patron.
Deception: A critical piece of information about the adventure is deliberately false. Old friends become enemies, and enemies become friends. Or is it all just an elaborate act?
Doubles: One or more of those characters appearing in the adventure (including possibly the PCs) has an imposter or duplicate.
Dual Nature: Someone in the adventure has a second nature or form unknown at the start.
Extraordinary Arena: Some or all of the adventure takes place in an unusual environment.
Impairment: The PCs suffer some sort of disadvantage relative to their foes.
Love Interest: An NPC encountered in the adventure forms a romantic attachment to one of the PCs, not necessarily reciprocated.
Mistaken Identity: One or more of the PCs resembles, or gets treated as, another person.
Natural Obstacle: A formidable barrier stands between the PCs and completing the adventure.
Negotiation: The PCs must make a deal with someone in order to complete the adventure.
Peaceful: Some portion of the adventure requires that the PCs find a non-violent way to solve their problems.
Rivals: A group with similar abilities sets out to oppose the PCs.
Role Reversal: Some portion of the adventure turns out the exact opposite of the PCs' expectations.
Secret Ally: Someone in the adventure offers aid to the PCs.
Time Limit: The PCs must complete the adventure within a specified duration in order to succeed.
Transported: The PCs are taken somewhere against their will and must return on their own.
Undercover: The PCs must assume new identities and remain "in character" in order to gather information or complete their objective.
Watched: Someone observes the PCs during the course of the adventure, and may interfere with their progress, or attempt to guide them.
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Wash or mend your clothes and equipment
Perform a skill check for you
Offer you a pet (dog, cat, pig, etc.)
Pray for you
Tend your mount
Pay for your lodgings
Buy you a small gift
Invite you to dinner
Sharpen your weapons
Gather supplies for you
Carry your belongings
Compose a poem praising your prowess
Compose a song praising your heroic qualities
Praise you loudly in public
Pay for your meals
Introduce you to a friend
Provide shelter
Write a letter or make some other sort of appeal to an authority figure on your behalf
Buy you a reasonable gift
Boycott one of your rivals or enemies
Look after your home while you are away
Provide you with an alibi
Carry a message for you
Follow someone for you
Loan you property
Call in an important favor and use it on your behalf
Cast a spell for you at no cost
Wait for a specific event and then light a signal fire
Organize a festival or other public event
Train an animal for you
Buy you a substantial gift
Become your friend
Sell you goods at a discount
Bury or hide something dangerous
Lie or cheat for you
Name a child after you
Start a fight for you
Publicly protest against a ruler or other powerful being
Sabotage a bridge, road, or something equally important
Raise a child or care for another relatively helpless creature
Spy on your behalf
Agree to work off a major debt that you cannot pay
Take the blame (and punishment) for a minor crime
Become your servant
Become your follower
Become your squire
Become your henchman/woman
Become your cohort
Offer the hand of a relative in marriage
Marry you
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Knows where a magic item is buried
Knows the best fishing spot
Knows who the murderer is
Is making liquor illegally
Knows why no one swims in the millpond anymore
Knows how to safely cook a poisonous fish
Is having an affair
Steals from his neighbors
Is a habitual liar
Is secretly related to another NPC
Knows what happened to all the rats
Is being blackmailed
Drinks heavily
Has a secret stash of funds
Is beaten by his/her spouse
Knows proper way to read a treasure map
Is an obsessive collector or hoarder
Beats offspring regularly
Is quietly religious
Knows location of a bandit hideout
Knows a particular monster?s favorite snack
Is a spy
Hears voices in the graveyard
Knows who really runs the neighborhood
Knows where to contact the fey
Is an assassin
Has a secret illness
Knows why no one in the village eats meat anymore
Knows how to get the oracle to answer truthfully
Engages in some deviant behavior
Knows command word for a magic item
Owes the local moneylender substantial funds
Worships an evil deity
Knows some local secret
Has a secret identity
Was a very different creature prior to reincarnation
Knows how to placate an angry ghost
Is a member of a secret local cult
Is wanted for a crime
Murdered spouse
Makes secret donations
Lost paladinhood due to cowardice
Is a paladin working undercover
Is the bastard child of a noble
Knows when the heir to the throne sneaks away to visit an attractive peasant
Is terrified of a particular monster type
Has some orc blood in their family
Has some troll blood in their family
Knows where the meteor landed
Knows someone is not what appears to be
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Always agrees (but changes mind just as easily)
Asks how much everything costs
Likes to act mysteriously
Makes snap judgments about people or situations and tries to diminish any later evidence contradicting that first impression
Makes token bets about minor things
When talking to someone says that person's name a lot
Haggles over everything
Brings own food and drink
Says everything in a profound way
Polite, but calls attention to it with elaborate bows or other gestures
Constantly apologizes as a verbal tic
Makes lots of threats but swiftly backs down if challenged
Very mellow; advises people to take a philosophical approach to both success and failure
Says as little as possible
Snickers or laughs at the misfortune of others
Gives people nicknames or uses terms of endearment
Prays a lot
Gives people treats (cookies, candy, etc.)
Often appears surprised and slightly offended when spoken to
Tosses a coin to make decisions
Has a list of numbered rules or maxims covering different situations and quotes them when appropriate
Tells people the "real" reason they do things
Asks for advice or opinions about very unlikely situations
Speaks with great formality; never uses contractions and employs bigger words than necessary
Easily distracted by minor events in the area
Usually needs someone to explain a joke or metaphor
Has a particular core belief, potentially a rather odd one, and steadfastly looks at everything through the lens of that opinion
Likes to count things and have fun with numbers
Always tries to find a compromise
Always eating
Very bad liar
Asks rude questions without realizing they cause offense
Grumbles and complains about the difficulties involved in any requested activities
Very sensitive to criticism or conflict
Blames trolls for every trouble he encounters
Intellectual bully
Makes allusions to events from history or mythology without bothering to explain them
Doesn't kill insects or other pests, gently moves them out of the way instead
Sniffs or tastes things
Makes lists and checks things off
Cannot keep a secret
Seems slightly surprised whenever anyone else has a good idea or does something productive
Easily moved to tears
Easily angered
Terrified of disease and sick people
Has a stock phrase and an accompanying gesture
Habitually mumbles a word that rhymes with the final word other people speak before they pause
Delighted by puns and other sorts of word games
Makes animal noises when feeling threatened or excited
A connoisseur of fine food and drink who insists on lecturing about it
Very superstitious; insists on carrying out elaborate practices to attract good luck and avoid bad
Never turns down a dare or challenge
Never uses one word when ten will do
Propositions any even remotely attractive person encountered but makes panicked excuses should someone accept the offer
Always has a reason why something won't work
Careless about possessions, spends lots of time searching for overlooked nearby objects
Tells boring stories about children or other beloved young people
Constantly suggesting ways to make activities more "fun" and "exciting"
Collects small, relatively worthless objects like spoons, salt shakers, or wine corks; enthusiastically inspects any encountered and extols their "unique" qualities
Dotes on an obnoxious pet
Ignores a loyal pet
Self-loathing to an almost violent degree
Occasionally chants annoying little rhymes
Acts like someone from a lower social class as a sign of solidarity but comes across as offensive instead
Openly scornful of organized religion and believes all gods are selfish liars
Gets angrier and more determined with each setback
Thinks most objects are magical wondrous items
Seems to lack a moral compass when making plans (though not in everyday life); often proposes horrific solutions to minor problems
Quietly makes personal sacrifices to help others, including forgoing meals, "losing" warm clothing, and repaying nonexistent loans
Suffering from some terminal illness
Name-drops constantly
Does a terrible job rather than refuse an unpleasant or unwanted task
Never tires of learning new and interesting bits of knowledge
Complains about smells no one else notices
Can't stop drinking once starts
Trying to master some kind of performance skill like juggling or ventriloquism but not very good at it yet
Is a failed actor and blames everyone else for it
Has a seemingly endless font of gossip; never stops chattering about various rumors and scandals
Is a very distant noble and treats lower orders with disdain
Very cheerful; tries to raise downcast spirits with songs, jokes, and uplifting stories
Grows more and more relaxed the worse things get; conversely, on edge and nervous when things seem to go well
Carries around a notebook to write down important information but has trouble reading own handwriting
Makes up seemingly arbitrary rules of etiquette ("Redheads always sit on the left side of the table!")
Avoids making any kind of physical contact; grows noticeably repulsed if touched and tries to clean self as soon as possible
Always tries to be the center of attention
Is a little unhinged when the moon is full
Questions others about their background in order to determine if they are "suitable"
From a place with different customs; often asks for explanations of everyday things
Very jealous and possessive about a particular object or person; tends to view others as rivals and treat them as such
Continually mentions a heroic battle he was in and how nothing else compares
Gives people little colored cards to represent the emotional state they are creating (blue for sad, red for angry, etc.)
Explains simple things that don't need explanations
Wishes was a cat and seeks someone to polymorph him/her into one
Refers to self in third person
Has an imaginary ethereal friend
Has a habit of eating live insects without realizing it
Compulsively wipes or cleans things
Asks a kobold glove puppet its opinion at inopportune moments
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Bad breath
Big nose
Long fingers
Stubby fingers
Very clean
Very white teeth
Dazzling eyes
Sweet smile
Beautiful curves/muscles
Dirty nails
Dirty hands
Calloused hands
Eye patch
Glass eye
Enormous sideburns
Yellow teeth
Scratches a lot
Sneezes a lot
Compulsive blinking
Bites nails
Obviously dyed/unnaturally colored hair
Avoids making eye contact
Sweats a lot
Jolly looking
Cracks knuckles
Whistles when talking
Rotten teeth
Generally filthy
Many tattoos
Covered in tattoos
One pierced ear
Pierced ears
Pierced nose
Pierced lip
Tribal scar on forearm
Winks a lot
Hacking cough
Different colored eyes
Missing teeth
Laughs nervously
One eye
Missing a finger
Scarred face
Picks teeth nervously
No teeth
No fingers on one hand
Comb-over bald patch
Shaved head
Curly hair
Long hair
Short hair
Blonde hair
Black hair
Red hair
Gray hair
Big ears
Obscenely fat
Strangely tall
Unusually short
Very hairy
Eyebrows meet
Wide mouthed
Missing a hand
Missing a leg
Missing an arm
Horrible facial scars
Clawed hands
Webbed hands
Scarred from pox
Terrible facial disease
Covered in cysts
Covered in pustules
Major deformity
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Get a good night's sleep
Sire a child
Prove noble heritage
Visit the next village
Solve a mystery no one else really cares about
Earn enough money to retire
Climb a mountain
Get a different, and better, reputation
Make friends with the PCs
Erase past failures with a single dramatic act
Move out of parents' house
Get in better shape and learn to fight
See the ocean
See a particular holy text, fresco, or building
Find a new home for a mistreated animal
Get into the history books
Return home despite obstacles
Overcome a significant personal vice
Get proof that the afterlife exists before dying
Get married
Humiliate a rival
Find a missing child
Learn to gamble
Carry on a family tradition, like enlisting in the army
Go on a pilgrimage
Marry a childhood sweetheart
Commit a holy text to memory
Complete some sort of creative work (write a play, carve a statue, etc.)
Find a better job
Avoid bankruptcy
Impress a disapproving parent
Impress a love interest
Achieve a higher social rank
Start own business
Help child get a good start in life
Become the recipient of an actual miracle
Redeem family name
Hunt and kill a particular sort of monster
Continue to live in family estate despite danger
Solve a murder
Cross an ocean
Discover the meaning of life
See an angel
Murder someone
Get cured of a disease or other affliction
Become a monster
Become a hero
Marry a prince/princess
Rule a country
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Kidnapped royalty
Religious idol
Lost spellbook
Fountain of youth
City of gold
Pirate treasure
Lost culture
Weapon of the gods
Dangerous technology
Claimant to the throne
Ancient tomb
Dragon hoard
Imprisoned loved one
Legendary warrior (possibly deceased)
Placation for angry spirits
Signet proving noble birth
Rare spell component
Forbidden magic
Ressurection for a slain innocent
Cure for a plague or curse
Land grab
Stolen property
State secrets
Mythical beast
Unlimited power source
Embezzled funds
Designs for a new weapon
Ghost ship
Lich's phylactery
Jade statue of a bird
Long-lost twin
Lost soul
Flying machine
Treasure map
Sunken island
Lost culture
Relic from religious figure
Death (for self or others)
Hidden master
New home for displaced people
Sleeping prince or princess
Unexplored territory
Destruction of evil item
Prophecy and revelation
Dangerous fugitive
Portal to another world
True love