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Always agrees (but changes mind just as easily)
Asks how much everything costs
Likes to act mysteriously
Makes snap judgments about people or situations and tries to diminish any later evidence contradicting that first impression
Makes token bets about minor things
When talking to someone says that person's name a lot
Haggles over everything
Brings own food and drink
Says everything in a profound way
Polite, but calls attention to it with elaborate bows or other gestures
Constantly apologizes as a verbal tic
Makes lots of threats but swiftly backs down if challenged
Very mellow; advises people to take a philosophical approach to both success and failure
Says as little as possible
Snickers or laughs at the misfortune of others
Gives people nicknames or uses terms of endearment
Prays a lot
Gives people treats (cookies, candy, etc.)
Often appears surprised and slightly offended when spoken to
Tosses a coin to make decisions
Has a list of numbered rules or maxims covering different situations and quotes them when appropriate
Tells people the "real" reason they do things
Asks for advice or opinions about very unlikely situations
Speaks with great formality; never uses contractions and employs bigger words than necessary
Easily distracted by minor events in the area
Usually needs someone to explain a joke or metaphor
Has a particular core belief, potentially a rather odd one, and steadfastly looks at everything through the lens of that opinion
Likes to count things and have fun with numbers
Always tries to find a compromise
Always eating
Very bad liar
Asks rude questions without realizing they cause offense
Grumbles and complains about the difficulties involved in any requested activities
Very sensitive to criticism or conflict
Blames trolls for every trouble he encounters
Intellectual bully
Makes allusions to events from history or mythology without bothering to explain them
Doesn't kill insects or other pests, gently moves them out of the way instead
Sniffs or tastes things
Makes lists and checks things off
Cannot keep a secret
Seems slightly surprised whenever anyone else has a good idea or does something productive
Easily moved to tears
Easily angered
Terrified of disease and sick people
Has a stock phrase and an accompanying gesture
Habitually mumbles a word that rhymes with the final word other people speak before they pause
Delighted by puns and other sorts of word games
Makes animal noises when feeling threatened or excited
A connoisseur of fine food and drink who insists on lecturing about it
Very superstitious; insists on carrying out elaborate practices to attract good luck and avoid bad
Never turns down a dare or challenge
Never uses one word when ten will do
Propositions any even remotely attractive person encountered but makes panicked excuses should someone accept the offer
Always has a reason why something won't work
Careless about possessions, spends lots of time searching for overlooked nearby objects
Tells boring stories about children or other beloved young people
Constantly suggesting ways to make activities more "fun" and "exciting"
Collects small, relatively worthless objects like spoons, salt shakers, or wine corks; enthusiastically inspects any encountered and extols their "unique" qualities
Dotes on an obnoxious pet
Ignores a loyal pet
Self-loathing to an almost violent degree
Occasionally chants annoying little rhymes
Acts like someone from a lower social class as a sign of solidarity but comes across as offensive instead
Openly scornful of organized religion and believes all gods are selfish liars
Gets angrier and more determined with each setback
Thinks most objects are magical wondrous items
Seems to lack a moral compass when making plans (though not in everyday life); often proposes horrific solutions to minor problems
Quietly makes personal sacrifices to help others, including forgoing meals, "losing" warm clothing, and repaying nonexistent loans
Suffering from some terminal illness
Name-drops constantly
Does a terrible job rather than refuse an unpleasant or unwanted task
Never tires of learning new and interesting bits of knowledge
Complains about smells no one else notices
Can't stop drinking once starts
Trying to master some kind of performance skill like juggling or ventriloquism but not very good at it yet
Is a failed actor and blames everyone else for it
Has a seemingly endless font of gossip; never stops chattering about various rumors and scandals
Is a very distant noble and treats lower orders with disdain
Very cheerful; tries to raise downcast spirits with songs, jokes, and uplifting stories
Grows more and more relaxed the worse things get; conversely, on edge and nervous when things seem to go well
Carries around a notebook to write down important information but has trouble reading own handwriting
Makes up seemingly arbitrary rules of etiquette ("Redheads always sit on the left side of the table!")
Avoids making any kind of physical contact; grows noticeably repulsed if touched and tries to clean self as soon as possible
Always tries to be the center of attention
Is a little unhinged when the moon is full
Questions others about their background in order to determine if they are "suitable"
From a place with different customs; often asks for explanations of everyday things
Very jealous and possessive about a particular object or person; tends to view others as rivals and treat them as such
Continually mentions a heroic battle he was in and how nothing else compares
Gives people little colored cards to represent the emotional state they are creating (blue for sad, red for angry, etc.)
Explains simple things that don't need explanations
Wishes was a cat and seeks someone to polymorph him/her into one
Refers to self in third person
Has an imaginary ethereal friend
Has a habit of eating live insects without realizing it
Compulsively wipes or cleans things
Asks a kobold glove puppet its opinion at inopportune moments