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Military veteran
Reformed criminal
Comes from a long line of tanners
Once owned an inn that was burnt down by bandits
Former alchemy lab assistant
Disgraced noble
Fought on losing side of civil war/revolution
Former prostitute
Refugee from land overrun by evil
Pious member of a notorious family
Ran away from a duel
Left at the altar
Criminal who retired after betraying rest of gang
Recovering addict
Childhood playmate of somebody important
Killed someone in self-defense
Escaped slave
Falsely convicted and then escaped from jail
Former indentured servant
Ran away as a youth and joined the circus
Abandoned spouse and children
Former sickly child who overcompensates as an adult
Failed priest
Failed merchant
Passed a guild test but too disillusioned to practice
Outwitted powerful monster
Practiced magic before a traumatizing accident
Died but came back through magic
Lost a magic item with potent abilities
Ran for office and suffered a humiliating defeat
Inadvertently saved the life of a future villain
Lost a spouse or child
Used to have to beg for food
Former artist suffering from a creative block
Raised by members of a different race
Former witch hunter
Pledged to keep a fantastic secret
Wanted for serious crime
Oppressed for race, sexuality, religion, etc.
Monster reincarnated as a human